Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Night Unwind???

Yup, that's right, Wednesday Night Unwind! I have to work a day shift tomorrow so I have enough time to get off of work & get ready to go see...
I'm soooooooo pumped! But before I go off on a rant about how great Primus is, let's give you all some updates on some of my other projects.

First up I've been trying some natural ways to wash my hair & face. I've been doing the no poo thing almost a week, and guess what... I HATE IT... My hair has never felt more disgusting. I think my next thing to try with my hair will be some homemade herbal shampoo... but I'm done with the baking soda and the apple cider vinegar. Major props to those of you that have figured out the trick to not make your hair feel like wax, but I just can't live with it. 
On the other hand though I've been washing my face everyday with the oil washing method and I must say that I do LOVE IT!!! :) Well at least something good came out of the first trials! I will be trying more natural remedies, but first... I need to wash my hair!

Click here to go to the post about Natural Remedies
Now onto tonight's music. And you probably guessed what band I'm showcasing tonight... PRIMUS!
First lets start out with a song I really hope the play tomorrow night. Over The Electric Grapevine

Now I'm being treated to a 2 set show of Primus, so I'm sure they'll play all their new songs in one set and then their old songs... or maybe a combo of both, but lets show you some of their new stuff. Off of their new album, I give you: Jilly's On Smack
Now I would love to play every thing that Primus has to offer, but your time and my time is limited. So to end the night, I thought I'd play one more from them. This time a music video for their song Mr. Krinkle!
Well I have dreams to attend to of too many puppies and scissor men. So with that... GOOD NIGHT!

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