Monday, February 6, 2012

Knitting Tutorial: Knit & Purl English Method

I personally don't knit this way because it doesn't come easy to me, but this is another way you can knit. The benefits of this style of knitting is that is easy to learn this method if you've never worked with yarn before. This is also the most common way of knitting, so if you get stuck on a project it's easier to find someone to assist you that also knits this style. The English Method is also known as Throwing or the American Method.

Yarn is "thrown" (wrapped) around the right needle before pulling the stitch through. This is a good method for teaching young children or people with limited coordination since you don't have to really have to hold the yarn in a certain way to make a knit or purl stitch happen.

The biggest disadvantage to this style of knitting is that it is a tad slower to knit this way, but it's a great way to get started!

So here is how to knit and purl english style.


  1. Interesting. I can't teach people to knit cuz I do it funny. I've crocheted my whole life so I hold the yarn like I was crocheting. Although My mother in-law told me that's how people use to knit.

    1. I've been practicing how to knit in different ways just so I can teach people knit in case someone doesn't understand the way I do it. It feels weird when I knit in not my standard method though.


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