Friday, October 7, 2011

Knitting Pattern: Chunky Slouchy Cap

Now that I gave this hat to it's intended owner, I can post it up on here and share the pattern to a super quick knit for a nice fall/winter hat. This pattern was designed by Melissa "Missa" Hills of It is a free pattern so again, I can share it with you!
I pretty much followed the pattern exactly, however I added a few extra rows to the brim and did a bit extra of the holey part so it had more of a slouchy look to it.
Designed by Melissa “Missa” Hills

Skill: Advanced Beginner
Size: S/M (M/L) To fit 18” to 20” (20” to 22”) head
Yarn: Roughly 108 Yards of Super Bulky yarn
Needles: US 11 circular 16” long OR US 11 dpns
Gauge: 3 sts per inch in st st
st(s): stitch(es)
k: knit
p: purl
pm: place marker
YO: yarn over
SSK: slip 2 sts as if to
knit, then knit those 2 sts together

This hat is designed to fit loose. Choose size accordingly above. If your head circumference is closest to 20”, I would go with the M/L size in order to get the slouch effect, although either size will fit just fine.
With US 11 circular 16” long OR US 11 double pointed,
Cast on (40) 44 sts, join to form circle, pm to mark beginning of rounds.
Round 1 thru 6: *k3, p1; repeat from * around
Round 7: knit
Round 8: *k2, YO, SSK; repeat from *around
Round 9: *YO, SSK, k2; repeat from *around
Repeat above two rows until you have 8 holes vertically.
Next Round: *SSK, YO; repeat from * around
Next Round: knit
Next Round: SSK around
Next Round: *YO, SSK; repeat from * around, end with k1
Next Round: knit
Next Round: SSK around
Cut yarn, pull through remaining sts to close.

This hat is meant to be worn almost like a beret, at the crown of your head.
Use a bobby pin to secure the hat in place. You can pull on the stitches vertically to make the hat super slouchy!

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