Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Knitting Pattern: Twisted Rib Watch Cap

This is a super simple knitting pattern that you can use to get used to knitting in the round. It does get a bit mindless to knit since you're doing the same stitches over and over and over... and over. However, the results are fantastic! After I made this hat, I can't even begin to tell you how many people asked where i bought it. And then had to explain to them that I actually made it. 
Now this pattern was written by Terri Lee Royea and you can check out her blog here!
Ok ok... now onto the pattern!
What You'll Need:
4.0 mm (US #6) short (16") circular needles (or straights, if you're knitting flat)
4.0 mm (US#6) dp needles to switch to when decreasing (as the circular needle will be
too long for the reduced number of stitches)
stitch marker
Worsted weight yarn of your choice.

Now Let's knit!
Cast on 116 stitches. Place marker and join round. Work hat in 1X1 twisted rib
(k1 p1) ... twisted rib is made simply by knitting into the back of each knit stitch,
instead of the front which is the ‘normal' way. This produces a firm yet stretchy fabric.

Continue working in 1x1 twisted rib to 9 or 10 inches. You're going to get to 7 inches and say "wow, this looks long enough" IT'S NOT! Just be patient and knit to the full 9 to 10 inches!
Now you start your decreases: (switch to dp needles when the number of stitches makes
it difficult to continue on the circulars)
1st decreasing round: *K1 P1 SSK* repeat around. You should end up with 87 stitches left

Twisted Rib evenly for 4 rounds (work each stitch either K or P as it appears)

2nd decreasing round: *SSK - P1* repeat around. Note: you will need to use the last
knit stitch on the previous round (one stitch before the marker) for your first SSK of
this round. You should end up with 58 stitches.

Twisted Rib evenly for 3 rounds (work each stitch either K or P as it appears)

3rd decreasing round: *SSK* repeat around. You should end up with 29 stitches.

Twisted Rib evenly for 1 round.

4th decreasing round: *SSK* repeat around to last stitch; K1. You should end up with 15 stitches.

Leaving a long tail, cut yarn. Using a needle, thread the yarn through the remaining
stitches and draw up tightly. Secure end. And now you've got a new hat!

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  1. This is great, thanks! Also, liked your coffee dyeing yarn instructions. I will try it on some natural colored cascade yarn.


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