Sunday, October 2, 2011

DIY: Wine Cork & Bottle Projects

I don't know how many of you are wine drinkers, but I am. In fact, let's be honest, I love wine! Since I drink so much of it, I'm trying to find ways to reuse the bottles and the corks. Let's start with the cork!

Did you know there is something out there called a cork tree? I had no idea! It's actually called the Cork Oak Tree. And people strip the bark off the trees to make corks. I know what you're thinking (OMG! The poor tree! I'm never drinking wine again!) but let me tell you this interesting fact: When the bark is harvested from the Cork Oak properly, the bark grows back with no harm done to the tree. Thus making it a renewable sustainable resource. In fact it's all harvested by hand!
Time for some projects with c
orks don't you think?
 Super easy project that involves a frame, some glue, and corks!

2.) Trivet & Coasters This project has quite a bit more labor involved, but as you can see the result is beautiful!

My family has a tradition of attaching cute ornaments to Christmas presents. I think this will be a cute idea!

You can also try out 2 of my tutorials for wine corks! 

You can make this necklace out of wine corks by visiting my tutorial here!

You can also make this Christmas tree garland using a ton of wine corks. Check out the tutorial here!

This should at least get you started! If you look online, you'll find a TON of cork projects to keep you busy. Now onto wine bottles. I personally LOVE wine bottles. I love their color and the shape of them. So finding projects to use them in really excites me!

Now, if I had a backyard (or any yard) I'd do this in a heartbeat. But alas, I live in an apartment. One day I'll have these in my backyard!

2.) Wine Bottle Lamp
To do this, you need a ½ inch glass and tile drill bit or a diamond bit and a string of mini lights. Lay the clean and dry bottle on a cloth. Keeping the drill bit wet with cold water as you drill a hole about an inch from the bottom of the bottle. You don’t want the bit to get too hot and crack the glass. Once the hole is drilled, push the lights into the bottle. Use a flattened out hanger with a small hook at the end to help you bring the lights up into the bottle. Leave the last bit of cord and plug free.

 3.) Garden Boarder
 This is as easy as drinking a bottle of wine and flipping it upside down!

Hopefully this will inspire you to go and drink some wine & craft!

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