Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Night Unwind

This is Florence and the Machine. This is the one artist I obsessed over for the entire 2011 year. And guess what, I can obsess over her music for 2012 as well since she just came out with a new album called Ceremonials. The song above is from her first album called Lungs. This particular song is called You've Got The Love. I love it because anytime I'm frustrated or angry at life I listen to that and realize no matter what, I can make it through this because I'm surrounded by love. So I thought since we are about to head into a new year I'd share this song first to hopefully help inspire you to look for the love in your life.

Now, if you are interested in more of her music, read on after the jump and you'll be taken to 2 more music videos!

You still with me? Great! I think it's time to share a live song of hers. Normally I judge an artist on how they sound live. Personally I think Florence is better sounding live. This one is off the new album and it's called No Light, No Light.

This last one is also off the new album. This is called What The Water Gave Me and I can't stop listening to it!!!!!!!Seriously this album is too good. Have a Happy & Safe New Year everybody!

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