Thursday, December 8, 2011

Recipe: Green Smoothies

Recently I have acquired a single serving blender for making smoothies. This morning I was inspired to use it seeing as I'm up way earlier than I should be. If you want to know more about green smoothies and their health benefits you should check out This lady has a lot of valuable information as well as tons of recipes! Making a green smoothie is really simple. It's basically greens + fruit!
Here's what I made this morning:

This is the guideline that I used for my smoothie this morning. I started out with 8oz of water. I used spinach today. One thing that is suggested is to rotate your greens so you aren't eating the same one over and over again. I happened to have some coconut oil on hand as well as chia seeds so I added that as well. For fruit I used raspberries. My mom unloaded her harvest on me so I have many raspberries to get through! I didn't use a boost because I didn't have any of that on hand, but I did use honey as my sweetener. Now, my smoothie turned brown and I think that is because I used only raspberries as the fruit (red + green = brown).

After I had made my smoothie and sat down to drink it, I found this helpful video about making a great tasting smoothie every time.
Super helpful and would have been great to know about 5 minutes earlier! Now, my smoothie tasted good, it's just now I can make it even better! Hope you enjoy your green own version of a green smoothie today!

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