Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Night Unwind

We have made it to another Thursday! And not to mention we are getting closer and closer to Christmas! I actually took tomorrow off so I have more of a weekend to finish up some Christmas presents. So I'm spending my evening watching some Doctor Who, and drinking a dirty martini. By the way, making a dirty martini is super simple. here, check out this video if you feel like indulging:

Yum! But onto the music now that you've got your drinks (or are dreaming of one). Tonight I'm going to share a new indulgence with you. A band I recently stumble across called iron & Wine. They are pretty chill, so they go great with a martini. First up is their song called  Boy with a Coin:

Good stuff huh? I'm currently addicted! Next we have Flightless Bird, American Mouth performed live:

One last video for you here, last but not least we have Naked as We Came:

As usual I hope we've got a new obsession for you to enjoy (whether it's the martini or the music, that's up to you). Have a great weekend!

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