Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Night Unwind

Oh yes! We've made it to Thursday again! And as usual I have an action packed weekend planned. First on the list is after work. I'm going to a bar with some coworkers called The Lazy Oaf Cafe. I've never been there before, so it should be a good time. After that I'm going to the Crossroads Coffee House to see a friend's dad's band play. Then of course there will be some crafting and good food as well throughout the weekend. good times indeed. First step is to get through tomorrow at work... actually, that's the 2nd thing. First thing is to get to sleep tonight. So I think it's time to unwind! Up for tonight is a band that isn't as good recorded as they are live. Cause lets face it, you don't like The Flaming Lips because they have an amazing singer... you like them because they put on an AMAZING live show!

The first time I heard of the Flaming Lips, I was at a live concert thrown by Southern Comfort. I was there for the band that came on before them, so I was already up front & center. Then the band I went to see got off the stage and the Flaming Lips started. I was gonna walk away... but I'm soooooooooooo glad I didn't!

First up we have their song called the Yeah Yeah Yeah song... live (of course) :) Enjoy!!!!

Did you like it? Did you feel the energy? I know it's hard to feel "in the moment" while watching a past live performance, but I hope you liked it. I'm assuming you did if you made it this far in the post!

This is off their newest album. The song is called Convinced of the Hex:

Last but not least... the song they normally use to close the show... Do You Realize:
I hope your Friday goes by quickly!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend!

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