Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Night Unwind

Hello all! We've made it to yet another Thursday! This means we are all just one step closer to getting to that wonderful time called the weekend. To help you all feel the calm that the weekend can bring (that is if you plan on chilling all weekend long), I decided to introduce you to a band called Boards of Canada.

They are pretty hard for me to describe other than experimental electronic music that is pretty chill sounding. But seriously, when I need to chill out and find my zen or my center, this band does it for me.

First song up for tonight is Dawn Chorus.

Alright, still with me? Good! Because next I'm gonna play a much more chill, ambient like song of theirs. This one is called Tears from the Compound Eye.

And lastly this one is called Music Is Math. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks music choice!

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