Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY: FIshtail Braided Bracelet

I love to wear hemp jewelry in the spring and summer. It mixes well with metal and looks great with almost anything. Plus, it's easy to work with.

What You'll Need:
Hemp (ribbon, yarn, or rope would work well too)
A button (optional)

 You'll start by cutting 4 strands of hemp. You'll want the length to be 4 times the size you want your bracelet. If you want the bracelet to wrap around more, just make sure your string is longer. Also if you want it thicker either use thicker hemp or more hemp.

Fold the four strands in half and tie a knot in the folded end so you end up with a loop.

Separate into 2 even sections.

 Take the string on the farthest end and move it to the other side.

 Repeat with each side.

By the way, I'm not that good at explaining how to do the fishtail, however I found a great pic online that I'm sharing to help explain it better! Just replace the word hair with string.

  Now I didn't leave myself enough hemp to work with on the end because I didn't make my strands as long as I'm telling you to.

You'll take the ends and tie them into a knot, then attach a button to the end. Strap it on and wear it!


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