Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Night Unwind

And we are here at another Thursday! It's been a long week and I am excited to be done with tomorrow and get on with the weekend! Some exciting things are in the works.
First of all at midnight tonight I find out if my zipper face costume placed in the contest. I also entered my t-shirt scarf into another contest on that site so we'll see how that goes. I am working on some great tutorials for some Christmas decorations, and also I'm creating my first knitting pattern. Once it's perfected it'll be posted! 
But enough about what's going on with me. You are here tonight for some exposure to some good tunes. Now I know I didn't do a Thursday Night unwind last week so guess what... you're gonna get a double whammy! (yay). Tonight I'm showcasing videos from Phantogram & The Hundred in the Hands. We are going to alternate back and forth. First off we have The Hundred & The Hands with Pigeons:
good stuff huh? I love this music video! Next will be one by Phantogram. This one is called Mouthful of Diamonds.
Now that you've had a brief introduction to the two bands I think you'll understand why I decided to showcase them together. Not really a similar sound but a similar style. Chick singer with some electronic indie-ish sound. I love them both! Next will bounce back to Hundred in the Hands with Commotion:
I have to say this is my favorite song of theirs right now.  The music video is also sweet! Next up is Phantogram with When I'm Small:
That is my favorite song right now for Phantogram. I love her voice! It goes so well with the music! 
Now time for the last song from Hundred in the Hand. I give you Tom Tom:
And lastly from Phantogram I give you You are The Ocean:
That is probably the reason why I swing more toward Phantogram as far as a favorite between the two. Because they bounce back and forth between male singer and female singer. LOVE IT!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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