Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday Night Unwind on a Friday Morning!

Before I get to the music of Portishead and why I'm doing this on a Friday morning, I need to share a bit of news... 
I am entered into a contest on Instructables and need your help! I need you to vote for my zipper face costume!  
So I didn't have to work last night, and as a result I ended up going out to the bar with a few coworkers. This bar was pretty EPIC! It's called Le Tigre and the entire thing is filled with tigers!

 Tiger print floor, walls, deco, tiger shrines, a tiger flashlight that roars when used, and tigers and more tigers.
So I hope you all understand that when surrounded by such epic awesomeness, that I got home a bit late. So we are doing Thursday Night Unwind on Friday Morning! Now onto the tunes!

Now, this group that I'm about to share is AMAZING. They are called Portishead. First up is Only You. I freaking LOVE this song. I have since the first time I heard it and still haven't gotten sick of it.

Next up is from there live show in New York. I love this band because I personally think they sound better live!Now I give you Strangers (the live version):

Last but not least, my #1 favorite song of theirs. Over!

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do... every day! Seriously LOVE this band!

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