Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Knitting Pattern: Pocket Scarf

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!! Did you miss me?

Sorry I was away for so long, but summer is here and in Wisconsin that means you take FULL advantage of the warm temperatures & sunshine since in the winter all you can do is hibernate. Which is how this blog got started. I know it's not quite hibernating time yet, but I wrote a new pattern and just had to share it with all of you!

This pattern is 100% easy peasy. And it's for a scarf... with pockets!

So to get started you'll need:
2 colors of contrasting yarn Worsted/10ply (the amount of yarn depend on how long you want the scarf. One skein of one color will be enough for the pockets, you'll want at least 2 skeins for the body of the scarf)
1 set of knitting needles 8 or 9 gauge will be fine
A needle to weave in ends & sew up pockets

What you need to know: (click on the stich you need to know to be taken to the video)
Long Tail Cast On
How to Knit & Purl Continental Style or How to Knit & Purl English Style
The Basic Bind Off
How to add another ball of yarn
Blanket Stitch (to sew the pocket)
Knit 2 Together (K2Tog)
Yarn Over (YO)

Now you've got your supplies and you've got your how to videos in case you get stuck. Now you need the pattern!

 Start by casting on 34 stitches. If you are using 2 contrasting yarns pick the yarn that you have the least amount of. Leave a nice long tail because you'll use this later to sew the pocket.

Row 1 - knit across
Row 2 - purl across
Repeat until it measures at least 6 inches long (or long enough to cover your hand) Make sure last row is a purl row!!!

Congratulations, you just knitted your pocket. Now switch to your main color and add onto the pocket.Remember to leave a nice long tail of your pocket color to make it easier to sew your pocket together!

Row 1 - purl across
Row 2 - knit 2 together, yo, knit across until 3 stitches remain, yo, knit 2 together
Repeat until you reach desired length. Make sure last row is a knit row!

Now switch back to your pocket color (remember to leave a nice long tail!).

Row 1 - knit across
Row 2 - purl across
Repeat until it measures at least 6 inches long (or long enough to cover your hand)

Now to take this long scarf and make pockets. Take your pocket color and fold it up. Sew down the sides using those nice long tails you left. Weave in all your ends and you're done! Super simple! 

Note: If you used a natural fiber yarn (wool, llama, alpaca, ect) you will need to block it!

You can find this pattern on Ravelry. Please share pictures, I'd love to see what you did!

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